Land & Development

Our Land and Development department specialises in identifying potential building plots, barn conversions and development sites, as well as the subsequent sale of new build properties. We have experience ranging from renovations and small single garden plots, through to advising on medium to large developments, and sites ear marked for inclusion within the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan.

We work closely with various Architects, Planning Consultants, Ecology Consultants and Structural Engineers to enhance the development potential of your property, whilst ensuring the whole process is carried out with minimal outlay by you, and in as efficient time as possible. We have also built strong relationships within local authority departments, the county council and with legal counsel to ensure the advice you receive is nothing short of expert.

We are often called upon by large developers carrying out feasibility studies of developments, land owners wishing to maximise their land values, and homeowners planning extensions. Our professional services department is well versed in carrying out development valuation work, and we have close contacts with barristers specialising in land and planning who can help with more contentious or complex issues.


Below are some case studies, detailing how we have helped some of our clients.

CASE STUDY ONE – Ford Farm, Eggesford

Mr S contacted us to give a market appraisal of his small holding near Chulmleigh. We visited the property and identified three barns that had potential for conversion. Our colleague, Simon Archer of Architectural Services visited the site with us, and using our combined experience we were able to work out the accommodation that would best suit the layout of the barns and provide the client with the best possible return.

A Heritage Assessment and Wildlife Survey was carried out and drawings prepared for the conversion of two of the barns to residential use, while the third was to be utilised as car ports and parking for the new dwellings and existing two bedroom cottage. We divided the land using Promap and working closely with local solicitors amended the Title Deeds, as well as ensuring that all services and access routes were properly accounted for in the deeds. Mr S now had three properties to sell, two being barns for conversion with a good amount of acreage.

CASE STUDY TWO – Woolsgrove Court, Morchard Road

Mrs S from Morchard Road asked us to look at her large Edwardian House with outbuildings. The property had been on the market for several years with various estate agents, and the client was asking just under £850,000. She invited our firm in to advise on a realistic valuation, and we suggested obtaining planning permission for two of the outbuildings to be changed to residential use, splitting the large gardens and then selling the new properties off individually. This approach put the entire land value in excess of £1 million, and opened the market to more buyers.


CASE STUDY THREE – R & M Peters Limited

Local Builders, R & M Peters called us in to sell their developments in Lapford. Over the past several years we have sold several sites on their behalf, working with their architects to develop marketing material during the course of construction, and utilising social media to create an effective marketing campaign.

In addition, we are often called upon by large developers carrying out feasibility studies of developments, land owners wishing to maximise their land values, and homeowners planning extensions.

We also have several new developments coming available in 2017. If you are looking for land to develop or have any questions about planning please contact us.